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Meet the Doctors

Kelsie Keen


Dr. Kelsie Keen is a Max Living Chiropractor who was born and raised in central Texas and currently resides in Austin, TX. Dr. Kelsie is an official performance team doctor and a member of the wellness advisory council for USA Judo, Weight Lifting, and Wrestling teams. She supported those teams at the 2012 Olympics in London. She brings the message of true health and Olympic level treatment back to her practice where she inspires her patients and community to break through their health goals and live free of medications and surgeries.

Dr. Kelsie holds two Bachelor of Science degrees; one in Biology and the other in Health & Wellness. She also has her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from one of the world’s top accredited chiropractic schools – Parker College. She holds advanced certifications in spinal correction, toxicity & detoxification, exercise and fitness, and holds multiple nutrition certifications. Dr. Kelsie has traveled to volunteer on multiple healthcare-relief mission trips to areas such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Dominican Republic.

Keen Family Chiropractic has quickly become one of the fastest growing family chiropractic offices in the Austin area and it’s because we’re all about getting to the cause of your symptoms. Instead of a traditional treatment based system that relies on symptom care through diagnosis and drug therapy that can only help you after you get sick, our patients get educated, empowered, and given clear objectives to fix the cause of their health problems and maximize their health. Dr Kelsie loves children and she is dedicated to getting you and your family truly well. Our vision is to see millions of people be able to restore their health and achieve the abundant life they were destined for.

Marshall Freeman


Dr Marshall Freeman is currently in his 5th year of practice. Dr Freeman has improved the health and wellness of families in several areas of the country including Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and now Texas. The mission of Dr Freeman’s practice is to inspire and guide the Austin area to reach maximal thriving levels of health and prosperity through consistent self-love and self-care. Over the years, Dr Freeman has served to make an impact on our culture by caring for hundreds of patients in his practice as well as presenting health talks at businesses, churches and schools. He also has performed numerous public health screenings and helped raise thousands of dollars for charities by partnering with them to hold fundraising events.

Dr Freeman was born and raised in Mobile, AL. In 2010 he received his B.S. in Pre-Med Biology from Jackson State University. Dr Freeman received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in 2015. He chose to serve in the field of health and wellness because he knows every single individual has specific gifts and talents the current and future society needs. His mission is to make the world better for current and future generations by helping others become the best versions of themselves in order to live their purpose to their greatest potential. Dr Freeman has dedicated his life to maximizing the expression of the perfection within every individual through the Max Living 5 Essentials.

Our Staff

Our staff members work with our doctors every day to provide our patients with a professional and friendly experience.

Lindsey Irvine

Office Manager

Lindsey Irvine serves as Office Manager of Keen Family Chiropractic. After graduating from Pflugerville High School in 1998, she refined her natural technological savvy and creativity as a leader in a successful printing company. From there, Lindsey followed her entrepreneurial nature opening her own business as a professional photographer. Lindsey is a wife, mother of two, dog lover, and DIY-er. She volunteers her spare time at a local animal shelter photographing pets in need of adoption.

In more recent years, Lindsey has developed a passion for a holistic approach to wellness. Her personal research includes but is not limited to whole foods, the reduction of toxins in daily living, essential oils, debt-free living, and everything Instant Pot.

Lindsey first discovered Keen Family Chiropractic as a patient and immediately connected to Dr. Keen’s mission and philosophy on health. A like-minded approach to healthy living along with a proficiency for business organization made Lindsey the perfect fit for the role of Office Manager. She thoroughly enjoys her work at Keen Family Chiropractic and is passionate about helping others learn how to make healthy choices.

Kyrsten Blackmon

5 Essentials Manager

Kyrsten Blackmon serves as the 5 Essentials Manager of Keen Family Chiropractic. She believes that success in wellness not only relies on what to do, but how you make it happen in our everyday lives. Kyrsten was born and raised in a small rural town in Southwest Texas where she had access to fresh air and acres of fresh, homegrown food. One of her fondest memories in life include going out to her grandfather’s garden to eat fresh strawberries straight off the vine. He would soon teach her how to turn anything pulled from the garden into a beautiful meal. These elements, combined with playing youth sports, led Kyrsten to discover her passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle early in life. Her approach to wellness is a simple one. She believes that a healthy lifestyle should be rewarding, not a burden.

Kyrsten is a Certified Personal Trainer and has earned her degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after graduation, Kyrsten began to explore her passion for helping others live a healthy, balanced life in a way that is simple and rewarding. Since then, she has been committed to helping others realize their potential and achieve vibrant health. Kyrsten continues to teach others about feeling great in your body while developing the confidence to create a lifestyle you deserve. She has continued her education with individual nutrition courses at The University of Houston. She considers herself a yogi, Netflix enthusiast, an athlete, lover of books, and citizen of the world.


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